At the beginning of the year, I told myself this was going to be it. This was going to be my year of success.

Two non work related things were happening.

First, I turned 40. Now normally, in Asian culture you’re not supposed to celebrate because four is a bad number and you’re just messing with the joo-joo of life, but I wanted go at it with a bang. I went on a big trip with my friends to Universal Studios and got to be a wizard for five days, I had a spa retreat with my sisters, and I did an old school Chinese banquet with the fam to show them how much they meant to me. Brian gave me an awesome day on my actual birthday, but he’s always amazing and I feel like mentioning it over and over again is unnecessary and flatters him too much.

Secondly, I am finally done my meds! SEE YA, Tamoxifen! I’m still feeling the effects of it now, I guess when you suppress hormones for five years and then stop cold turkey, they’re gonna get excited and drunk like a 19 year old and show you what it means to party.

With all that going on, how could I lose? I told myself I would increase sales online and try for a few shows that have always been out of my reach and I told myself I could do it. I wanted Fan Expo, Toronto Etsy, and the One of a Kind Winter show.

I got into Fan Expo and Toronto Etsy, both which were INCREDIBLE and you will be seeing me at them again, but I got waitlisted yet again for OOAKS which really bummed me out.
Then, in Sept, I got a call, missed it, freaked out, listened to maybe 5 seconds of the vm before I screamed in Brian’s face incoherently and did victory laps around the living room. I’M IN BABY!

I can’t tell you what an amazing journey it’s been. The end of the year is going to be bananas with show prep, plus I really want to push hard so I will do a few more shows (what is WRONG with me) as well. There are two and a half months left to 2019, and I’m hitting the ground running full speed at 2020.