Peace out, funk out!

Things I’ve done in the past week:

  • Came up with a bunch of new products
  • Setup a true e-commerce website (check it out:
  • Turned off my antivirus and installed a whole metric shit ton of malware forcing me to reformat and reinstall windows on my PC
  • Hit a jump shot throwing a tissue into the waste basket

I think it’s safe to say I’m out of my rut, and it feels wonderful. My brain is all wired and I’m accomplishing a lot of tasks. I don’t really want to sleep these days because I don’t want to lose momentum! The ideas aren’t revolutionary, rather, they’re simple and minimal designs that represent my brand and make the products more cohesive. Overall, I’m happy with the turn out.

I spoke at the beginning of the year about being more thoughtful and having a vision, and I think as we round into the tail end of the year I’m realizing what that means. I’ve been watching a couple of videos on SkillShare about building your social media base, and they all talk about having a story and setting goals about what you want to share in your posts. They suggest showing your progress on projects and behind the scenes shots. I’ve always been hesitant with sharing too much, and that’s probably a symptom of my introversion. This will require some serious think tanking on my part, as I’ve just been going along blindly with Instagram and not really understanding why some things work and others don’t.

It will be an interesting next project, amidst building inventory for the upcoming fall season.

But that’s okay because we’re back baby! All new challenges accepted!