The First Sad Shower of 2017

2017 has been a funny year so far. Not funny ha-ha, but more like a ‘hey that smells kinda funny’.

My grandmother passed away in the spring. I was lucky enough to know all of my grandparents growing up. She was the last one to go, and with her passing, the link to my childhood seemed to vanish. It was a deep sadness of not only losing someone I loved dearly, but a knowing that all of our cherished moments had truly ended and are reduced to memories in old photographs. It was a knowing that I’d never be able to recreate them with grandchildren of my own, that my future would be vastly different from what she experienced.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk since then, and can’t seem to find inspiration for something new and creative. I believe it’s the lackluster state of the world as well that is also impeding me, for there is a lot of tragedy and worrisome events happening that have taken the lead and occupied my mind.

Forget about funny. Incredulous is a better word to describe 2017. Incredulous that humans are still as cruel as they are. I’m not even sure what benefit we gain from being mean-spirited, but there it is, fueled by hatred. I wish that people could understand and respect the fact that there are different situations and different lives that people lead. That there are a lot more unfortunate in the world than fortunate, and by turning our backs on them, we turn our backs on humanity. Life is fleeting, and death is unprejudiced.¬†Giving people their human rights doesn’t mean that we are taking away others. Being curious and gaining knowledge is a good thing for us!

I want to get out of this funk, and I want the world to join me. ¬†We have the capacity to love, learn, and be compassionate. We don’t have to let ourselves be driven by fear.

I can’t build those moments that I cherished with my grandmother for myself, but I would like to hope my nieces and nephews can.

Please, try to think about what it really means to love. I want this funk to go away, and for all of us to be better.