Sudo apt-get server-crash-and-burn and other tales

Lately I’ve been feeling sluggish, and while I can make it to the top of the stairs, that’s as far as I will go, and I’ll just sleep there until some kid asks me to go play video games with him and then I’ll get out of my funk.

Things at my shop seem to be going well, and I think I finally have to pick up the pace and get pretty serious about it. This is absolutely terrifying to me, and mixed with seasonal allergies (you know who you are, POLLEN) it is probably the cause of some anxiety and aforementioned sluggishness. Nothing like a few successes to cause you to have complete self-doubt about what you are doing.

So to deal with it head on, I decided to work on my website, which led me to break the whole damn thing. I should have known when it said something about removing applications that the jig was up, but I trusted you apt-get!! I trusted you :(. So I spent all night recreating my server and here I am! I bet your heart light was at a standstill this whole time.

I know I promised other stories in the title, but that was a lie.