Hello world!

I had a bunch of crap that I was going to say for my first blog post. I thought it out every day for the past few weeks, and came up with some incredible witticisms. I said to myself: “That’s gold Nadia! You’re a literal genius!” And instead of taking the time to write it down, I put complete faith in myself to remember the words.

My brain constantly pulls a lot of bullshit moves on me, and this was one of them.

I quit my job yesterday.  I quit my job so I could become a full time blogger.  Or, to take a leap and try to do something that has meaning to me. Giving up the comfort of a stable paycheque is incredibly terrifying, and when I truly get nervous, I have to poop. It is the worst thing in the world, because you are completely trying to get up the courage to get through a moment, and you also have to focus on clenching up that anal sphincter while butterflies threaten the upper part of your body.  Nevertheless, I managed to power through, smiling like an idiot throughout the whole somber  process of tendering your resignation (because I happen to do that too when I’m nervous), and in a couple short months I will be officially unemployed for the first time in 12 years.

Probably the most thankful part about this whole situation is the ample amount of support that I am receiving from everyone. They all think I can accomplish something great, and that I have the skill set to do so. Clearly, I cannot fail. So what better way to motivate myself than with a blog where I can be publicly shamed for my lack of action?

I have two and a half months before I lose all my benefits and monies.

Let’s try to keep it real.

Brain: 1, Body: 1, Me: 0.